We combine open innovation, strategic design and entrepreneurial public procurement

Govtech is a new model of digital innovation in the public sphere, where the Administration and the entrepreneurial ecosystem collaborate to create an environment of constant and sustainable innovation with a common goal: to transform the Administration and government services for the benefit of all.
Promoting and energizing the Govtech ecosystem involves activating at least three essential approaches. First, we must promote entrepreneurial institutions, generating a proactive demand for innovation and developing capacities to identify, test and scale new public impact solutions. Second, strengthen supply in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ensure the availability of innovative solutions adapted to the needs of the Administration. Finally, we must work on hiring systems and culture, to promote a more open, diverse and competitive offer.

Open Innovation | govtech

We based on the concept proposed by Henry Chesbrough in 2003, to develop our own methodology of open innovation for the public, combining strategic design and entrepreneurial public procurement resources.

With all this, we help government areas to better define their problems, prioritize lines of action, learn about and test new solutions, evaluate and rethink their service and, with all this information, inform their actions, purchases and future internal developments.

The value that endures

We aim to empower the Administration to lead govtech innovation processes independently. Therefore, our methodology is designed not only to generate capacities and transformations, but also to ensure that these can be maintained, prospered and incorporated into the functioning of institutions.
Public teams better prepared to incorporate innovation

With capabilities to lead and manage their own innovative projects. Developing service and human-centered design skills, agile management, piloting and scaling solutions.

Aware of an increased supply of digital providers
(and how to work with these)

The methodology guarantees greater knowledge of the ecosystem of startups, digital SMEs and scaleups to have access to a wide and innovative offer of solutions, as well as the capabilities to incorporate and work with them.

New ways to hire innovation

We work with contracting, business and technology teams to understand, test and implement the new contracting processes associated with Entrepreneurial Public Procurement.

A startup ecosystem with the capacity to work with the Administration

Startups, digital SMEs and scaleups prepared to better understand public clients, their needs, their work dynamics and the opportunities they generate.

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If you want to know more about govtech and how to apply it in the Administration, write to us and maybe we can come and explain it to you and your team.