Projects that allow the integration of entrepreneurial creativity into public operations


Govtech Labs

In 3- or 4-year projects, we generate the institutional capacities to identify, test and scale new digital solutions. To this end, we activate four levers: open innovation processes, entrepreneurial public purchasing, digital training and ecosystem coordination.

Open Innovation | govtech

We define the challenges of the Administration with public teams through design methodologies, we launch them into the startup ecosystem to find the best digital solutions, we pilot and incorporate learning to scale up through a tender or internally developing the final digital solution.


Entrepreneurial Public Procurement (CPE)

Public procurement can be a challenge for innovation in management, but the current legal system offers opportunities for more open, diverse and competitive contracting. At Gobe, we advise hiring teams on the adoption of new models that encourage the purchase of innovation that already works.

Strategy and consulting | govtech

We diagnose the level of development of the govtech ecosystem in your Administration and your region and define the strategy to follow.

We accelerate local govtech startups

We work with startups so that they know how to approach the Administration and integrate their innovation into public services.

Are you a startup?

We help you grow into the public sector, working with real cases, advising you and accelerating your company

Where to begin?

If you find our services interesting but you are not completely sure which one best fits your situation, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.